Thursday, August 25, 2011

New hand-made leather cases

Hi there,

I have just completed two lovely leather phone cases and experimented a process to transfer ink in the leather and it seemed to work pretty well, again the leather is hand/hand stitched, 100% hand-made.

Two new phone cases, one for Iphone 4 and one for HTC wildfire.
Leather edges finishing detail, lining is made of lamb with a natural finish.

Hand stitching detail.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st rendering test with the Gimp

I have been trying to render a Doodle I had made in my moleskine and found that it could be quite an interesting alternative to the analog way, I am not yet really good at it and need more practice but I am quite please with the result as this took me like 15 minutes.

Here is the doodle right from the scanner:

And here the Gimped version

In case you did not know, The Gimp is a free image manipulation program which is quite powerful and it is available for Mac and Windows users you can get it here it is a very interesting alternative to Photoshop and some peoples even use them both as they find them complementary.

Phone case

Here is a phone case I designed, nothing really exciting in term of shape or concept actually, that's why I decided to "antiguish" the leather to make the whole thing a bit more interesting.

Following the design is the finish product I made using hand-dyed calf crust.